February 16, 2018

Christians and porn

Note: This week's episode contains some blunt talk about sex and pornography. Nothing explicit, but it might be best not to play it with the kiddos around. 


This week, after catching up on snow days, Valentine's Day plans and the start of Lent, Chris and Joe get serious to talk about Christians and pornography. Should it be banned? How much of a problem is it? What's wrong with it? 


Show note: 


February 9, 2018

CCM Reboot

Welcome back! 

Chris and Joe are feeling nostalgic this week, which leads to some really great discussion, including: 

  • What now-defunct group would you like to have seen in concert? 
  • What movie would you like to have seen on the big screen? 
  • Which '90s CCM bands do you want to make a comeback? 

Bonus, we want an answer from our listeners: Which 10 Christian bands would you book for a CROSS.CULTURE.CRITIC. cruise? 

February 2, 2018

It sucks to be king

Hey everyone! Short but good episode this week! Joe and Chris start talking about TV shows they thought they would hate but came to love. That leads to some talk about Netflix's "The Crown," the problems with being royalty, and why old guys start loving history. Tune in and share your thoughts! 



Joe and Chris are back for a talk about poltics and what to do when your entertainers are creeps. 


Chris and Joe spend an entire episode talking '90s Contemporary Christian Music. Hear about the the Insyderz Dove Award-winning adaptation of a beloved worship song, discover which duet was considered "Islands in the Stream" for Christians, and hear Chris spit out a bit of rhyme from Carman. 


January 12, 2018

Looking forward to 2018

Chris and Joe are back with a jam-packed episode for the start of 2018! Catch up on their holiday experiences, Joe answers a question about his Insyderz days, and the duo talks about their plans for the new year! 


In the last episode before Christmas, Chris and Joe discuss whether "Die Hard" and "Gremlins" are really Christmas movies and then talk about some of their favorite holiday films and television specials. 


With just a few weeks left until Christmas, Chris and Joe sit down to talk about their favorite Christmas music and the songs they avoid. Next week, the Christmas fun continues with a talk about their favorite Christmas movies. 


Before Joe jets off for a Hawaiian vacation, he and Chris talk travels, dream trips, world tours and Instagram! 

Come back next week for part one of our two-part Christmas extravaganza! In the meantime, tell us your favorite (and least favorite) Christmas songs! We might include them on the next podcast! 



After a two-week absence, we're back with class. 

We set out mainly to talk about Black Friday. We ended up discussing some big movements in Joe's life and then going off on a tangent about how we can improve (and make money off) communion. It's weird, but it's a lot of fun! 


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