Christians and the movies (With Joe Zaragoza)


What should Chrsitians' attitudes be about the movies? How do you engage believers with movies that might be a bit difficult? Is there any good to be found in faith-based film? Chris sits down with Joe Zaragoza, co-host of the "Drinking at Bible Study" and "Commentarians" podcasts, to talk about these questions and more. 


Show Notes


What’s your favorite scary movie?

In honor of Halloween, we have a special fun-size episode this week! Chris and JOe talk about their favorite Halloween movies, both the scary and the not-so-scary! Tune in...if you dare!!!



Time travel and drankin’

Great Scott! Things start off with Joe and Chris talking about time traveling back to their high school days and what changes they would make. Then, in the main topic, they talk alcohol. Specifically: how did two guys who didn't have their first drink until age 30 change their minds on it, and what does that mean to them as Christians? 


The Gun Show

In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, Chris and Joe take some time to talk about their differing views on guns and the attitude of Christians toward them. 


First jobs, dream jobs and second-act careers

How does a rock star become a police officer? How does a writer keep the creative itch alive when they've gone to the corporate world? Is being a dishwasher the worst job ever? In this episode, Chris and Joe talk about work. They discuss their first jobs, their worst jobs, their dream jobs and where life has brought them to now. 

What was your first job? Your best job? Your dream job? Are you doing what you love now? Let us know by email or Facebook! We'll see you next week! 


Comfort Food TV

Chris and Joe are back with a small-batch episode. After a brief discussion about whether it's okay for men to wear Lululemon, they talk about comfort food TV. What are the shows they can watch over and over again? What are yours? Let us know by emailing or joining the Facebook discussion! 


Guilty pleasures and evolution vs. creation

Joe's back for another fun episode! 

The show starts with Chris and Joe talking guilty pleasures, particularly musical ones. What does Joe rock out to when no one's looking? Which band is Chris embarrased to admit he has on Spotify? Are Weird Al and Billy Joel guilty pleasures, or genuinely good? 

Then the topic shifts into more serious matters as Chris and Joe talk evolution and creation. Which view do they hold to? What backs them up? How important is it to their faith? Frickin' magnets, how do they work? 

We'll be back next week with a new small batch episode! 

Chris' blog post about evolution


Interview: Steve Taylor

For over 30 years, Steve Taylor has been one of the most infuental and respected names in Christian music. From his debut EP "I Want to Be a Clone," through controversial recordings like "I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good" and his latest album, "Goliath" (with The Perfect Foil), Taylor's been one of Christan music's most innovative lyricists and musicians. His work as a producer has touched some of the industry's most influential works, including albums by the Newsboys, Sixpence None the Richer and the Insyderz. As a film director, he's made the Michael W. Smith-starring "The Second Chance" and the 2012 adaptation of Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz." 

In this interview, Chris and Steve talk his career, the Christian industry, filmmaking and more. 

Show notes: 

Chris' review of Blue Like Jazz

Steve Taylor's Twitter account


Episode 8 — Back to school spectacular

Fair warning -- you will learn nothing from this episode. But you'll have fun doing it. 

This recording was smushed between work, bad traffic and a press screening for Chris, so he and Joe just decided to wing it and have fun rambling about a variety of topics. They share their back to school tales, discuss parenting "sweet spots" and virtual reality, and talk about some really bad movies. Plus, we have our first Patreon donor! 


Show notes: 


Bonus Episode: BBC’s list of great comedies

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to another special bonus episode! This was recorded the day the BBC announced its list of the 100 greatest comedies of all time..and Chris and Joe had some things to say about it. What movies should be on the list? What should have been left off? Visit our Facebook page or send us an email to let us know what you would have included. 

We'll be back next week with another episode! 

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