Hey everyone! This episode originally started as a bonus episode, but ended up going much longer and turning into a full-fledged episode. 

Joe and Chris talk about some of the things they're enjoying lately, including Joe's newfound love of wrestling, Chris' enjoyment of "Roseanne's" return, and engage in speculation about the new "Avengers" movie. Enjoy! 



Hey everyone! Chris and Joe are back! After a discussion of their spring breaks, they talk about manliness in the church: specifically the focus on masculinity found at conferences. Is it good or bad? Why is Chris so upset about it? What starts off as a joke goes into some more serious waters! Give it a listen! 



This week, Chris and Joe talk about atheist artists and how they choose to avoid or engage with their work. Also, is there anything good for Christians in movies like Dogma, Life of Brian or The Invention of Lying? Plus, a little bit of Easter talk! 



The eight-part documentary series "Flint Town" recently debuted on Netflix, showcasing the work of that town's police department. Joe and Chris, who live only an hour from Flint, talk about the series. Along the way, they also discuss their favorite police movies and shows, Joe reflects on how well "Flint Town" stacks up to reality, and Chris got screwed on taxes. 

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March 16, 2018

What is worship?

Chris and Joe get serious to talk about worship.

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We're back! 

Chris kicks things off by talking about suffering life without a cellphone (for three days). Then, he and Joe get into a "media dump" to talk about what they've been watching lately. Is "Man in the High Tower" worth Joe's time? Does "Everything Sucks" recapture the magic of Surge and grunge? Why does Joe hate "Black Panther"? And why couldn't Chris and Joe play "Dungeons and Dragons"? 

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March 2, 2018

Joe Guesses the Oscars

It's Oscar weekend! And Joe knows nothing about most of the nominated films. This episode, he'll try to guess what they're about! Also, a discussion of celebrity encounters -- who was nice, and who was a jerk? 


In 1988, Michael W. Smith's fourth album, "i 2 (eye)" was released, featuring such CCM classics as "Secret Ambition," "All You're Missing is a Heartache" and "Pray for Me." Thirty years later, Chris and Joe give the album a track-by-track re-listen. Does it hold up? Is Smitty the Randy Newman of Christian music? What is up with the trilogy of judgment in the middle? Give it a listen! 


Next week: Joe guesses the Oscars! 

February 16, 2018

Christians and porn

Note: This week's episode contains some blunt talk about sex and pornography. Nothing explicit, but it might be best not to play it with the kiddos around. 


This week, after catching up on snow days, Valentine's Day plans and the start of Lent, Chris and Joe get serious to talk about Christians and pornography. Should it be banned? How much of a problem is it? What's wrong with it? 


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February 9, 2018

CCM Reboot

Welcome back! 

Chris and Joe are feeling nostalgic this week, which leads to some really great discussion, including: 

  • What now-defunct group would you like to have seen in concert? 
  • What movie would you like to have seen on the big screen? 
  • Which '90s CCM bands do you want to make a comeback? 

Bonus, we want an answer from our listeners: Which 10 Christian bands would you book for a CROSS.CULTURE.CRITIC. cruise? 


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